List of SUP VFR and AIC VFR

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SUP 16/20 Construction work at Friedrichshafen Airport (EDNY) (Ende MAY – OCT 2020)
SUP 15/20 Construction work at the special-purpose heliport of the CRONA-Kliniken Tübingen (15 JUN 2020 – 31 MAI 2021)
SUP 13/20 Radio mandatory zone (RMZ) Cochstedt
SUP 04/20 High-altitude glider winch launches at Rothenburg/Görlitz airfield (EDBR)
SUP 27/19 Restricted area ED-R Jülich Sektor B (11 NOV 2019 – 31 DEC 2020)
SUP 24/19 Reactivation of the former special-purpose heliport of the Klinikum am Gesundbrunnen hospital in Heilbronn-Neckargartach to serve as an interim heliport (14 OCT 2019 – 31 DEC 2021)
SUP 07/19 Construction activities in the vicinity of the special heliport Lörrach hospital
SUP 14/15 Construction work at Schwäbisch Hall Diakonie (DIAK) Hospital special heliport


AIC 02/20 National Implementation of the Global Reporting Format (GRF) for Runway Surface Conditions
AIC 01/20 Class D airspace (not CTR) Leipzig "HX"
AIC 01/19 Increase of flight safety at the division level between airspace classes E/C at FL100
AIC 02/17 8.33-kHz-channel spacing
AIC 05/16 Conduct of aerobatic flights by powered aircraft

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